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Next Year Will Be our Best YET!

So, we are in the throws of putting in WORK! Aside from the new website, we just announced a new Aurora Borealis Workshop in Fairbanks, Alaska! That's going to be one heck of an amazing workshop!

There's a lot of other behind the scenes work going on as we prepare for 2021. New content, new curriculums, and a ton of new experiences are in store!

We kick off our workshop season next year in Big Bend National Park with an astro-landscape photography workshop. If you've never been to Big Bend, you are in for a treat! Big Bend is gorgeous and literally in the middle of no-where. The drive (or flight) there is completely worth it once you are immersed in the amazing landscape that Big Bend offers. When night falls, you will witness a night sky like you have never seen before!

Big Bend National Park

We LOVE hosting workshops in Big Bend and sharing in our passion and knowledge for photography with our students in this prime astro-landscape photography location!

Now, outside of Big Bend, there are a ton of AMAZING locations on our 2021 lineup! We have even sprinkled in some landscape photography workshops, too! Make sure to check out our workshops page for more information on all the great places we are headed next year!

Grand Tetons National Park

Trust me, 2021 is going to be an EPIC year!

Stay tuned for more!

- Tony

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