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WHO IS 319?

319 Photography, LLC. is a professional photography company whose mission is to CREATE unique imagery, SHARE our passion in unique ways, and TEACH our skills and knowledge through unique workshops.


We chose the word 'unique' as our brand identity to encapsulate the notion that the images we capture, the presentation of our imagery, our workshops, and our operations are not run-of-the-mill.  319 Photography is different.  We embody our UNIQUE mantra.  Once you get to know us, you'll know why!   


Before 319, Tony operated his photography business under the name "Tony Hebert Photography."  In the conceptual stages before 319 Photography was realized, Tony knew he wanted a name that was unique, easy to remember, and had a great deal of meaning to him.  The idea came to him one night when he spent a quiet night in with his wife, Jeanelle. In that moment, he knew what the name would be.

319 represents the day that Tony and Jeanelle married: March 19.  The name stuck and is a way of honoring Tony's biggest supporter.  As an added benefit, Tony will always remember his wedding anniversary.  Some say Tony is the smartest man alive...


While 2021 marks our third year of workshop operations, the 319 team has over 50 combined years in professional photography experience and over 20 years combined experience in adult education!   Our first two years of workshop operations were a huge success and we have been blessed to have amazing students who are now forever part of the 319 Family!  


319 Photography's founder and lead photographer, Tony Hebert, first pursued the idea of hosting workshops in 2018 and with the help of Skylar Scaling, went to work creating UNIQUE / Workshops that are designed to educate our students and enhance their skills as a photographer!  Our main goal in any of our workshops is to TEACH our knowledge and skillsets to our students.  We just happen to take our students to breathtaking locations and capture stunning images along the way.



Tony Hebert

Owner & Lead Photographer


Jim McMahon

Event Coordinator & Instructor

karen photo.jpg

Karen Hamilton

Social Media Manager 
& Instructor


Skylar Scaling

Web / Media Designer

& Instructor


Jeanelle Hebert

CFO & Head Boss in Charge

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I often point my camera in the direction of many amazing, beautiful scenes. I have gazed up at the heavens under skies so clear they appeared overrun with stars.  I have strived to travel to places of beauty and wonder and capture those moments via the medium of photography. I have been in the right place, at the right time, with the right tools.

However, as a photographer, all of that means nothing if I cannot convey to you experience of what I felt in that exact moment when I captured a photograph.


The goal is not to find the perfect camera settings or the exact metering of light. No! It is far beyond the technical aspects and the basics of camera operation.  It is immersing yourself in the scene to the point that you are overwhelmed with the stir of emotions in that moment.  It's about feeling an image and hoping that you share that feeling through the image to viewers.


When I reflect on my final images, it rekindles that childlike wonder that I felt when I activated the shutter on my camera and the sheer awe that I soaked in before the beauty of our natural world. I strive to bring that to you all through my work and give you a glimpse of when time stood still and only the glory of mother nature and the landscapes of this world remained.

My photography journey originated some 20 years ago when I picked up a manual 35mm film camera.  I learned how to shoot film, develop film, and process images in a dark room. Those are fond memories and truly the foundation of my understanding of, feel for, and deep love of the art of photography.


I became a professional photographer in 2007 when I began producing images and being sent on assignment for the State of Oklahoma's Tourism and Travel Department.  Ever since it has been a whirlwind adventure that I have loved every second of.      

Outside of photography, I enjoy reading and quiet nights spent fireside with my my wife.  I am an avid martial artist and a former full time Police Officer.  I hold a Bachelors of Science in Psychology & Ethics and have ten years of experience in Adult Education, including teaching Digital Crime Scene Photography at the State Police Academy in Oklahoma.





Skylar is our resident web and technical guru and has a deep passion for photography and for teaching!  His interest in photography stemmed from his father, who was an avid photographer.  Skylar grew up around cameras, film, and a love for the art of photography!

Outside of his passion for photography, Skylar is a Computer Engineer and Software Developer.  After spending over a decade working for Lockheed Martin, Skylar moved into the private sector and is now a senior consultant at Red Hat.  

Understandably, Skylar brings a ton of technical knowledge to 319 Photography.  His understanding of varying computer systems, software, and camera operating systems makes him an incredibly valuable asset to the 319 Team!  Outside of teaching during workshops, Skylar is responsible for web design and advertising at 319 Photography.

Skylar and Tony have been great friends, or "bros" as they jokingly referent to each other in strange accents, for years. When Tony brought up the idea of teaching workshops over a steak dinner at a restaurant just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park several years ago, Skylar jumped in with both feet!  It's been an amazing ride ever since!

Fun fact about Skylar, he has a strange fascination with intervalometers.  Just wait.  When you join us for a workshop, especially an astro-landscape workshop, you'll see!  

Of course, Tony and Jim take every chance they can get to rib him about this.

Skylar looks forward to seeing, meeting, and teaching passionate photographers who have a desire to learn and grow as artists!  





With over three decades behind a camera, Jim has amassed an impressive amount of experience as a photographer.  His favorite subjects? Nature and Wildlife.  It's safe to say that Jim is truly passionate about nature and wildlife photography, especially one of the most illusive nature subjects, birds in flight.


Jim has traveled extensively and particularly loves the American Southwest.  He has spent quite amount of time in Arizona, California, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico - many of these locations he has lived in for multiple years.  


Currently, Jim resides in Colorado and can usually be found with either a camera or a paint brush in his hands.  In addition to being an amazing photographer, Jim also creates absolutely gorgeous paintings.  It seems being a creative artist runs in Jim's blood!


Jim has attended numerous photography workshops during his photography career, but found a home when he attended a 319 Photography UNIQUE / Workshop.  Jim became a part of the 319 Team and fit in so well it's as if he was along with us from the very beginning! 


Jim firmly believes that making students top priority is the first step in hosting a great workshop.  He does this by combining his experience behind the lens and passion with his love of educating.  Jim presents a wealth of knowledge to our students in an entertaining and educational way!

Jim truly looks forward to providing memorable and unforgettable experience at the magical places we will visit during our workshops!


karen photo.jpg



Karen is the newest member of our team and joined us after taking a number of workshops with us.  Karen’s photography roots go back to when she was in high school and actually considered going to college for photography after winning a contest she entered.  Her parents steered her towards engineering and told her that photography was something she could really focus on when she retired.  While this sounds a little harsh, she is thankful for the path they “pushed” her towards.  It led to a very successful career in Supply Chain Management and the opportunity to travel and see the world as well as meet many fantastic people around the globe.   But now, she is retired and ready to put her energies to photography and is thrilled to be part of the 319 team.


Karen will tell you she drifted from photography during much of her early career years but as her two kids began to play sports she found her way back to the camera and her inner passion was fueled again.  While she enjoyed taking the action shots of her children and their team mates her real passion lies in landscape and wildlife as well as storytelling.  She loves to try and tell a story about her adventures with her pictures.


One secret about Karen is that she loves her selfie stick. She knows that they have a bad rap, but she loves the opportunity to capture moments with friends and family to help with her story telling. She has some great snaps from it and even finds it to be a great tool when trying to reach some difficult shots and needs a few extra feet. Karen is often seen taking pictures of our students when we are out in the field – helping us tell our story.


Karen lives with her husband in Colorado and absolutely loves the gorgeous scenery that she gets to wake up to every day. In addition to photography, Karen is an avid traveler with friends and family and also enjoys cooking and gardening.  She has two adult children and loves spending time with them. 






  Jeanelle is the wife of Tony Hebert and serves as 319 Photography's CFO, business expert, the real Head Boss in Charge, wrangler of Tony's crazy ideas, the voice of reason, and general manager of four people who are chasing their passions.  

Trust me, her job is not easy.  

It's likely that you will never see Jeanelle on a workshop, but if you do, she likes tequila - and she's earned it. 


While her role is behind-the-scenes, Jeanelle plays a pivotal role in 319 Photography.  From running numbers, keeping the books, keeping Tony grounded, setting up gallery showings, and supporting Tony as he pursues his passion, she does it all! Honestly, without her and her support, there would be no 319 Photography.  

Outside of keeping 319 Photography afloat, Jeanelle is a fourteen year Law Enforcement Professional, a dedicated martial artists who holds more than one black belt in multiple disciplines, and an avid reader.  She holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelors of Art in Criminal Justice and has over a decade and a half experience in adult education. 

She is infinitely smarter and more dangerous than any one on Team 319 - hence, why everyone listens to her.  

While most of the above was written with a humorous slant, we hope you can tell that Jeanelle is a integral part of our operations and we appreciate her and her efforts more thane can ever express.

Contact: Don't even try - unless you have tequila. 


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