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319 UNIQUE / Workshop Sep 19-28, 2025

Landscape & Aurora Photography in the Norway's Lofoten & Senja Islands

  • 7,600 US dollars
  • Lofoten Islands, Norway


Service Description

Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Norway's Arctic wilderness with 319 Photography's exclusive workshop in the breathtaking Lofoten Islands and Senja Island. This unique experience, taking place from September 19-28, 2025, is tailored for passionate landscape and northern lights photographers seeking to capture the magic of the Arctic. Autumn in Norway provides an abundance of incredible scenes, stunning colors that are some times contrasted by moody vibes, open waters that yield remarkable reflections, and opportunities to photograph the Aurora above awe-inspiring landscapes! The workshop is based in the stunning Lofoten Islands and Senja Island, renowned for their dramatic landscapes, jagged peaks, and pristine fjords. These locations offer unparalleled opportunities to photograph the rugged beauty of the Norwegian Arctic, surrounded by the awe-inspiring Northern Lights. The Lofoten Islands in Norway are Norway's best kept secret and home to some truly stunning landscapes and opportunities to view and photograph the Aurora Borealis! Located well across the Arctic Circle, this Arctic archipelago offers one-of-a-kind, stunning landscapes that are ripe with steep mountain peaks, Arctic fjords, colorful fishing settlements, rich wildlife, and of course, the Northern Lights! This workshop will take you to the incredible areas around Reine, famous for its small villages that are spread out across a string of small islands and surrounded by dramatic mountain peaks, the beaches of Skagsanden, Vareid, Vikten, Fredvang, Haukland, Utakleiv and Unstad, as well as the picturesque villages of Nusfjord and Henningsvær, plus more! The highlights are truly endless! Our local drivers know this area extremely well and will also take us to lesser known areas that are equally as impressive. Join us for this unparalleled NINE DAY photography adventure to Norway's Lofoten Islands for an experience that you will never forget!

Cancellation Policy

Initial Workshop deposits are non-refundable and guarantee your slot in the workshop. 319 Photography's cancellation policy is as follows: 121 Days Prior to first day of the workshop - Full Refund, Less Non-Refundable Deposit 120-91 days Prior to first day of the workshop - 75% Refund, Less Non-Refundable Deposit. 90-61 days prior to first day of the workshop - 50% Refund, Less Non-Refundable Deposit. 60-0 days prior to first day of the workshop - Not eligible for Refund *UNLESS* your spot can be filled by another person. If your spot can be filled, you will receive a refund of all monies paid, including the initial deposit. If you spot is not filled, you will not be eligible for a refund.

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