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  • Why should I choose a 319 Photography UNIQUE / Workshop?
    Tony Hebert, Lead Photographer, Lead Instructor, and owner of 319 Photography, has developed a workshop curriculum based on his twenty year career as a photographer – the past twelve years spent as a professional photographer in the industry. Tony has assembled a small team that is just as passionate about photography and teaching others as he is. Tony and his team have poured their heart and souls into building these UNIQUE / Workshops and we want to share our passion with you! Our goal is to provide YOU with an amazing experience and to teach YOU techniques that will allow you to capture amazing astro-landscape images. In short, all of our workshops are about YOU, not us. Tony and his associate instructors may have their camera gear with them during in-field shooting portions of a workshop, but they will not be shooting alongside you; rather, their camera’s stay in their bags and they pay attention to YOU! Also, we have a focused classroom curriculum that we teach during our workshops that is designed to provide you with skills ranging from camera operations to post-processing techniques using software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. We focus on your experience and education during a 319 Photography UNIQUE / Workshop, but it doesn’t stop there! We are building a growing community of 319 Photography UNIQUE / Workshop alumni and we offer continued support to alumni well after they complete a workshop!
  • What is included in my tuition fee?
    Your 319 Photography UNIQUE / Workshops tuition fee covers the time and talent of Tony and his associate instructors, personalized in-field instruction, guide service through the workshop location, in-depth classroom instruction including post-processing skills, classroom materials, and continued support after the workshop is over! Depending on the workshop, your tuition may also cover lodging and meals. Check the description page of the workshop that you are interested in! If you have questions, feel free to email Tony at
  • What is NOT included in my tuition fee?
    Unless otherwise expressly noted, your 319 Photography UNIQUE / Workshop tuition fee DOES NOT cover your travel to the workshop destination, travel during the workshop, park fees (if applicable), travel insurance, equipment insurance, or meals. Depending on the workshop, your tuition may not cover lodging. If this is the case, it will be expressly noted in the workshop description page. For some workshops, your tuiton may cover 1 or 2 meals a day. If this is the case, your tuition will not cover meals or snacks outside of that. Please check the description page of the workshop you are interested in.
  • What is the difference between a "Photo Tour" and a "Photography Workshop"?"
    On a Photo Tour, tour guides generally take people to several areas for short amounts of time and there is no instruction offered by the guides. Photo Tours are often fast paced and give participants only minimal time in certain areas. A 319 Photography UNIQUE Photography Workshop is an immersive educational experience driven by passionate instructors. Our goal is to teach and inspire our workshop participants and always put their needs first.
  • What photography skill level is required?
    None! Whether you are a pro or a novice, we cater to photographers of all skill levels! We have had the pleasure of having students join us for workshops who were absolute beginners, as well as students who are seasoned professionals. We tailor our one-on-one instruction to meet YOUR needs!
  • What is the maximum amount of students allowed at 319 Photography UNIQUE / Workshops?
    Unless otherwise noted, all of our workshops are capped at 10 participants. Tony values quality over quantity and does not believe in jeopardizing student experiences by crowding his workshops.
  • What is the student to instructor ratio?
    At all workshops, there will be a minimum of two instructors, including Tony. With each workshop capped at 10 participants, the student to instructor ratio will be at least one instructor to five students. Some of our workshops may have up to three instructors, including Tony, which will reduce the student to instructor ratio to 1:3.5!
  • What is a typical itinerary like for Astro-Landscape Workshops?
    For our three day, two night Astro- Landscape workshops, we typically follow this general itinerary: Friday Noon – Classroom Instruction (Introduction, Fundamentals) Friday Evening / Night – Shooting and In-Field Instruction Saturday Noon – Classroom Instruction (Q&A, Post-Processing Instruction) Saturday Evening / Night – Shooting and In-Field Instruction Sunday Noon – (Post-Processing Instruction, Final Wrap-Up Q&A)
  • What is a typical itinerary like for Landscape Workshops?
    For our four day, three night daytime Landsape Workshops, our typical itinerary is as follows: Thursday Noon - Meet & Greet & Initial Classroom Instruction Thursday Afternoon - In-field shooting and instruction Friday Early Morning - In-field shooting and instruction Friday Late Morning - Classroom Instruction Friday Afternoon - In-field shooting and instruction Saturday Early Morning - In-field shooting and instruction Saturday Late Morning - Classroom Instruction Saturday Afternoon - In-field shooting and instruction Sunday Early Morning - In-field shooting and instruction Sunday Late Morning - Classroom Instruction Sunday Afternoon - In-field shooting and instruction Monday Early Morning - In-field shooting and instruction Monday Late Morning - Final classroom instruction & Wrap Up
  • What type of photography equipment should I bring?
    After you register for a workshop, we will provide a more complete recommended equipment list, but in general you should expect to bring the following: - DSLR or Mirroless Camera - Wide Angle Lens capable of f/2.8 or faster - Telephoto lens capable of f/2.8 or faster* - Quality Filters such as Polarizer, Neutural Density, Graduated ND, etc.* - Quality Tripod - Quality Monopod* - Remote shutter release / Intervalometer - Memory Cards - Spare Camera Batteries - Card Readers - Camera Rain Sleeve *Denotes equipment usually included in DAYTIME LANDSCAPE WORKSHOPS only. The description page of the workshop will have a more detailed list of equipment for that workshop. If you have questions, feel free to email Tony at
  • Will you help me with new camera or can you provide suggestions for equipment that I want to purchase for a workshop?
    Our team is more than willing to help you if you have a new piece of equipment or one that you haven’t used much! Our goal is to help you understand and operate your equipment and we are all about that! If you need recommendations about equipment, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask! We are more than willing to help. Email Tony at with any questions about equipment!
  • What about my laptop and do I need software?
    Please bring your laptop! The classroom portions of our workshops typically cover post- processing and you will need your laptop to be able to get the most out of class! Your PC or Mac laptop will need the following software: - Adobe Photoshop (latest version) - Adobe Lightroom Classic – “Desktop Focused Photo Editing” (latest version) - Starry Landscape Stacker (Mac Users Only)* - Sequator (PC Users Only)* *Denotes software required for ASTRO-LANDSCAPE Workshops only. Please, ensure that all software is installed and up-to-date on your laptops prior to the beginning of the workshop. Once you register for a workshop, we will send out specific information about necessary software and provide links for you to purchase (if applicable) and download said software.
  • What other non-camera equipment should I bring?
    - Headlamps w/RED light option - Flashlights - Folding Chair / Camp Chair - Quality footwear - Appropriate clothing for the region / time of year - An appetite for photographing amazing locations and learning!
  • Can my spouse / significant other / family member attend?
    Absolutely! We are all about family at 319 Photography and we understand that a lot of people do not enjoy traveling alone. We do not charge extra for your spouse, significant other, or family member to join you! We do have a few rules regarding guests: - Guests may not join in the classroom portions of a 319 Photography UNIQUE / Workshop - Guests may not operate a camera during in-field shooting during a 319 Photography UNIQUE / Workshop Guests are more than welcome to accompany you during in-field shooting and enjoy the scenery and stunning views. Guests will be expected to sign appropriate liability waivers and should understand that our attention will be focused on workshop participants during the workshop. **Additional fees may apply for guests in regards to lodging and meals for workshops that provide lodging and meals. This will be disclosed up front and know prior to your registration for a workshop.
  • What happens if the weather is bad?
    The weather is always something to consider when it comes to outdoor photography and, unfortunately, the weather is one thing that we cannot control! That said, unexpected or inconvenient weather is not grounds for us to cancel a workshop. Even though some of our workshops are astro-landscape focused, if the need arises, we will focus on other styles of landscape photography, weather photography, or nighttime photography. Some of the best photographs are captured during less-than-ideal weather! Significant or dangerous weather, however, may cause us to cancel a workshop. If we choose to cancel a workshop, we will notify all participants as soon as possible and will issue a complete refund of 319 Photography UNIQUE / Workshop tuition fees. **319 Photography is not responsible for monetary loss or fees associated with travel and hotel accommodations due to the cancellation of a workshop.
  • What if I have to cancel my reservation?
    We get it! Life happens. If you need to cancel your reservation, please contact us as soon as you possibly can. Registration deposits are non-refundable. Any amount already paid above the registration deposit will be refunded if you choose to cancel your reservation. **Exceptions may apply. Please contact us if you think you will need to cancel your reservation.
  • Do you offer individual discounts?
    We offer alumni discounts for all 319 Photography UNIQUE / Workshop alum students good towards future workshops!
  • Can we book as a group?
    Yes! We do offer group discounts of 6 or more. If you are a camera club, a group of friends, family members, etc., please email Tony at for more about our group booking rates!
  • Do you offer private workshops?
    Yes! We certainly offer private workshops. For more information about private workshop opportunities, please email Tony at for more information.


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