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Aurora Borealis

Fairbanks, AK

When: October 31 - Nov. 6, 2021

Style: Aurora Borealis

Deposit:  $1,590.00 (30%)

Total Tuition: $5,300.00

Activity Rating: Mild

Max Students: 10

only 3 slots LEFT!

The Aurora Borealis has long been a stunning visual experience that have left many filled with awe and wonder.  In fact, earliest recording of auroral display observations date back to ancient Assyrian tablets where descriptions of a "red sky" were recorded between 679 and 655 B.C.  While we understand the phenomenon now, it is still a jaw dropping and exciting sight to experience.  

The words, "Aurora Borealis" translate to "Dawn of the North" and the Aurora is often referred to as the "Northern Lights" or the "Green Lady."  Regardless of what name you call the atmospheric light show that occurs in the northern skies above high altitude, northern landscapes, is a true joy to witness and photograph.  With glorious deep green, red, and violet hues, the Aurora shows itself in many various forms, patterns, and intensities all of which equate to epic images and experiences!

Join us for our all-inclusive, 7-Day / 6-Night comprehensive Aurora Borealis workshop in Fairbanks, Alaska!  Fairbanks is lauded as the best place in the United States (and one of the top places in the world) to witness the Aurora.  Our workshop will focus on the photographing the Aurora as it dances across the sky above the beautiful landscapes surrounding Fairbanks, Alaska.  Outside of in-field photography of the lights, we will hold in-depth post processing sessions during the workshop to teach you how to fully develop and finish your images.



None!  Our workshops are specifically designed to cater to photographers of ALL SKILL LEVELS!  We simply ask that you bring the required and recommended equipment with you to get the most out of this workshop!


Your tuition for this workshop covers the following:

  • Six Nights Lodging (Additional Nights Available)

    • Single Occupancy!

  • Meals from Day One through the Final Day

  • Snacks during In-Field Portions

  • Coffee & Drinks during In-Field Portions

  • Transportation During the Workshop

  • Guide Service

  • In-Field Photography Instruction

  • Classroom Instruction

  • Classroom Materials

  • Time and Talent of Professional Instructors

  • Park Fees (if applicable)


Tuition DOES NOT include the following:

  • Travel to and from Fairbanks, AK

  • Travel to Host Hotel / To Airport

  • Meals outside of those provided

  • Incidentals

  • Travel and/or Equipment Insurance


For this workshop, we will follow, for the most part, the same general itinerary each day except for the first day and the last day.  It is important to note that we may have to deviate from the itinerary some as potential sky conditions determine.  Our goal will be to put you under clear skies and that may mean traveling each evening to achieve this.  As such, students should prepare for long in-field sessions each night.

Day 1 - Sunday, October 31, 2021

  • 12PM-5PM - Meet in Hotel Conference Room

    • Initial Introductions & Lunch

    • Overview & Orientation

    • Classroom Instruction

      • Camera Operations & Techniques

  • 5PM - 6PM

    • Break for Dinner

  • 6PM - TBA

    • Depart for In-Field Aurora Photography!

Day 2 - Day 6 - November 1 - November 5

  • 10AM-12PM - Meet in Hotel Conference Room

    • Image & Technique Review

  • 12PM-1PM

    • Break for Lunch

  • 1PM-5PM

    • Classroom Instruction

      • Camera Operations & Techniques

      • Post Processing

  • 5PM-6PM

    • Break for Dinner

  • 6PM - TBA

    • Depart for In-Field Aurora Photography!

Day 7 - Saturday, November 6 2021

  • 10AM-1PM - Meet in Hotel Conference Room

    • Image & Technique Review

    • Classroom Instruction & Final Wrap Up

      • Post-Processing

      • Final Thoughts

    • Final Lunch

Fairbanks 1.jpg


The average temperature, not factoring in wind chill, in and around Fairbanks, Alaska in early November sees daily high temperatures around 20°F and daily low temperatures around -5°F.  


The following is the basic gear you will need for our workshops.  When you register you will receive a specific gear list by email.

  • DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

  • Wide Angle lens capable of at least f/2.8

    • Feel free to bring additional lenses. 

  • Quality, Sturdy Tripod & Monopod

  • Memory Cards & Card Reader

  • Camera Batteries

    • At least 4 per camera body

    • Batteries do not hold charge well in cold

  • Wired / Wireless Intervalometer

  • Lens Warmer / Heater Band

  • Laptop Computer (PC or Mac) with at least:

    • Adobe Lightroom Classic​ (latest version)

    • Adobe Photoshop (latest version)

  • Quality, climate appropriate clothing*

  • Quality footwear with ankle support*


We seriously encourage students to come prepared for the colder climate with multiple layers of WARM clothing & outwear as well as quality, insulated boots.  Heated vests, pants, socks, jackets, and gloves are an excellent idea.


As landscape and astro-landscape photographers, one thing we know for a fact is that we cannot control the weather.  Trust me, we wish we could!  If at any point during the workshop we are unable to photograph the Aurora, we will transition to another style of photography or instruction.  We will not simply scrap the day!



We are staying in Fairbanks, Alaska proper at the beautiful Hilton Hampton Inn & Suites on the Northeast side of Fairbanks. Here's the address:

Hilton Hampton Inn & Suites

433 Harold Bentley Ave.

Fairbanks, AK  99701

This workshop INCLUDES six nights lodging at this hotel.  Once you register, you DO NOT need to call the hotel to set up your accommodations.  We will take care of that for you!

If you would like additional lodging nights, simply let us know on our registration form when you register for this workshop.  Additional nights will be added to your final tuition payment at a rate of $115.00 per additional night.

We will host the workshop out of the Hilton Hampton Inn & Suites Conference Room.  



This workshop is for photographers of ALL SKILL LEVELS who LOVE challenging photography, wish to capture amazing Aurora images, and the desire to embark on the photography adventure of a lifetime all while improving their abilities as an artist!

Our workshops are designed to TEACH first and foremost!  If you are looking to learn and grow as a photographer, our workshops are the right choice for you!


The total tuition for this workshop is $5300.00.  A 30% deposit of $1,590.00 is required to reserve your slot.  This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE* and will guarantee you a slot in the workshop.


Final tuition payments are required by August 25, 2021.

Transactions are completed via PayPal and are Secure Transactions.  You do not need a PayPal account to complete your registration.

If you would prefer to fulfill your tuition in an alternate manner, please email to arrange this.

*Exceptions may arise due to unforeseen occurrences.  These will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


We understand that sometimes our students do not wish to travel alone and may desire to bring a companion along.  We support our students wishes and will never charge full price for non-photographer traveling companions!  


We ask that guests not attend classroom portions of the workshop (aside from meal times, if you choose that option).

Guest rates are dependent on the guest's level of involvement in the workshop. The guest options and rates that we provide are as follows:


Guest Option #1 - Supplement: FREE

  • No Participation in any part of the workshop

  • Guest will stay in student's hotel room

    • If you desire a double bed room, please let us know at registration.


Guest Option #2 - Supplement: $1,000.00

  • Included in Provided Meals

  • No travel accommodation during In-Field Photography Trips

  • Guest will stay in student's hotel room

    • If you desire a double bed room, please let us know at registration.

Guest Option #3 - Supplement: $2000.00

  • Included in Provided Meals

  • Joins group during In-Field Photography Trips (But does not operate a camera)

  • Guest will stay in student's hotel room

    • If you desire a double bed room, please let us know at registration.

Please notify us of your Guest Option on our Registration Form.  Guest supplements will be added to your final tuition payment.



319 Photography, LLC. is certified and authorized by the National Park Service (NPS) to host and conduct photography workshops within National Parks.


319 Photography, LLC. is First Aid and CPR certified through the American Heart Association and we carry medical supplies with us during our workshops.

Our transactions are secured via PayPal for your peace of mind!  No PayPal account needed!

Your personal information is secure.  319 Photography, LLC. grantees that we will never sell or otherwise provide your information to anyone.  Any information obtained from you will be used solely by 319 Photography, LLC. for administrative, advertising, and contact purposes.


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