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Big Bend National Park

When: April 24 - April 27, 2025
Style: Astro-Landscape
Activity Rating: Mild
Max Students: 10
Includes: Lodging, Meals, Instruction, and Transportation During Workshop!

Join us for a FOUR DAY and THREE night excursion under the fantastic night skies in Southwest Texas' PREMIERE location for Astro-Landscape Photography: Big Bend National Park! 

The landscape in Big Bend National Park is second only to the night skies above Big Bend National Park and we cannot wait to guide you through it! The beauty and clarity of the night sky out here will absolutely boggle your mind!

Our Big Bend National Park  UNIQUE / Workshop focuses on capturing the beauty of the night sky AND the landscape all while TEACHING you how to do it!  This is much more than a photo tour, our workshops are an immersive experience that combine classroom style instruction and in-field instruction to provide YOU with exceptional knowledge, enhanced skills, and out-of-this-world images! 

This workshop is limited to only 10 students to ensure each student has a fantastic learning experience and receives ample one-on-one attention both in the field and in the classroom!


During this workshop, you will receive hands-on, direct instruction on several topics related to astro-landscape photography, to include:

  • Planning & Scouting Astro-Landscape Images

  • Camera Operations & Settings

  • Best Practices for Astro-Landscape Photography

  • Capturing Foreground (Landscape) Images

  • Capturing Night Sky and Milky Way Images
  • Stacking Night Sky Images for Noise Reduction using Starry Landscape Stacker (MAC) or Sequator (PC)
  • Post Processing for both Foreground and Night Sky Images unsing Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop
  • Composite (or blending) Foreground and Night Sky Images to Create a Stunning Final Image
  • Preparing Your Images for Print & Social Media Use!


In short, stacking images for noise reduction combined with composite blends yields higher quality images. 

It is part of 319 Photography's ethos to present and teach the best practices that yield the best results. Composite blending paired with image stacking for noise reduction are certainly two approaches that far exceed the quality of images yielded from light painting. Moreover, many National Parks have (or soon will be) banning the use of artificial light during nighttime photography.

When we say we "teach," we actually mean it. We do not do a simple overview or demonstration on how to composite or stack images, we actually teach it and you get hands on experience with doing it in the classroom on your own computers during our dedicated classroom time!  This is something you will only find at a 319 Photography UNIQUE / Workshop!


Your tuition for this workshop covers the following:

  • Two Professional Photography Instructors

  • Four Nights Lodging

  • Meals from beginning of the workshop through the close of the workshop

  • Transportation during the Workshop

  • Park fees

  • Guide Service

  • Professional In-Field Photography Instruction

  • Professional Classroom Instruction

  • Classroom Materials

  • Time and Talent of Professional Instructors



Tuition DOES NOT include the following:

  • Travel to and from host hotel in Terlingua, Texas

  • Meals outside of those provided

  • Incidentals & Alcohol

  • Travel and/or Equipment Insurance

Big Bend Hoodoo Milky Way


Our workshops are specifically designed to cater to photographers of ALL SKILL LEVELS! We simply ask that you have at least a basic understanding of how your camera functions and that you bring the required and recommended equipment that we suggest so that you may get the most out of this workshop!


Day 1 - Thursday, April 24, 2025

  • 11AM -Meet in "Oasis Lodge" Conference Room

    • Initial Introduction​

    • Overview & Orientation

    • Classroom instruction

      • Camera Operations and Techniques​

  • 6PM - TBA  - In-Field Shooting and Instruction

  • 12AM - TBA - In-Fieild Shooting and Instruction


Day 2 - Friday, April 25, 2025

  • 11AM -Meet in "Oasis Lodge" Conference Room

    • Classroom instruction

      • Hands on Post-Processing!

  • 6PM - TBA - In-Field Shooting and Instruction

  • 12AM - TBA - In-Field Shooting and Instuction

Day 3 - Saturday, April 26, 2025

  • 11AM -Meet in "Oasis Lodge" Conference Room

    • Classroom instruction

      • Hands on Post-Processing!

  • 6PM - TBA - In-Field Shooting and Instruction

  • 12AM - TBA - In-Field Shooting and Instruction

Day 4 - Sunday, April 27, 2025

  • 11AM -Meet in "Oasis Lodge" Conference Room

    • Classroom instruction

      • Hands on Post-Processing​!

      • Final Image Editing

      • Preparing for Print / Social Media

  • 3PM-4PM - Final Wrap Up

Milky Way Over Chisos Mountains

NOTE: Our itineraries are always fluid and may change due to shooting conditions or opportunities.  We will always strive to put our students in the best positions and locations to capture epic images.  Outside of Day 1 of the workshop, specific times of the above-listed itinerary may change as necessary.  Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, plus snacks are provided during the workshop, however not listed on the itinerary above.

FURTHER NOTE: This is an "Early Season" Milky Way photography workshop. The Milky Way will not be visible in the night sky until approximately 12:22 AM each night.  As such, the in-field shooting sessions listed in the itinerary above are split, with the 6PM session dedicated to capturing foreground (landscape) images and the 12AM session dedicated to capturing the night sky and Milky Way.


The following is the basic gear you will need for our workshops.  When you register you will receive a specific gear list by email.

  • DSLR or Mirrorless Camera​ capable of ISO 10000

  • Wide Angle lens capable of at least f/2.8

  • Quality, Sturdy Tripod

  • Wired or Wireless Intervalometer

  • Memory Cards & Card Reader

  • Camera Batteries

  • Laptop Computer (PC or Mac) with at least:

    • Adobe Lightroom Classic​ (latest version)

    • Adobe Photoshop (latest version)

    • Starry Landscape Stacker (MAC)

    • Sequator (PC)

  • Quality, climate appropriate clothing

  • Quality footwear with ankle support


We want YOU to get the most you possibly can from our UNIQUE / Workshops. 

Part of getting the most you can from our Workshops is making sure you have the right gear for this style of photography.  Unfortunately, not all digital cameras and lenses are made equal.  

If you have any questions, whatsoever, concerning cameras, lens, tripods, intervalometers, laptops, or other accessories, please reach out to Tony via email at and he will gladly help you choose the right gear for the workshop. 

Big Bend NP.jpg


Tuition for this workshop INCLUDES FOUR NIGHTS lodging!  We suggest that you arrive the night before the workshop begins so you are rested and ready for the workshop.  To make that easier on you, the night before the workshop begins is included in tuition. For this workshop, tuition covers the following nights:

  • Wednesday April 23, 2025

  • Thursday, April 24, 2025

  • Friday, April 25, 2025

  • Saturday, April 26, 2025

We are staying at the Far Flung Adventure Center Lodge where everyone will have their own, private, beautiful casita. Each casita offers a kitchenette, bed, and private bathroom with shower. Far Flung is located at:

Far Flung Adventure Center
23310 FM170
Terlingua, TX 79852

The Far Flung Adventure Center's casita are THE BEST place to stay in the Terlingua area and offers the most comfort and amenities possilble in the area!  We absolutely love staying at this lodge!

THE WORKSHOP BEGINS THURSDAY APRIL 24, 2025 AND ENDS IN THE AFTERNOON OF SUNDAY APRIL 27, 2025. The last night of lodging included in tuition is the NIGHT of Saturday, April 26, 2025. You will need to check out of your room and join us for the final classroom session on that day.

Once you register, you DO NOT need to call the lodge to set up your accommodations.  We will take care of that for you!


This workshop is hosted out of the Far Flung Adventure Center's Conference Lodge, the "Oasis Lodge", located in Terlingua, TX!

Please plan to arrive at the Oasis Lodge each day prior to the start of the classroom portions.


We are staying in the small town of Terlingua, Texas which lies at the western entrance of Big Bend National Park.  It's an eclectic, small town with a ton of charm!  If you've never been to Terlingua, you're in for a treat.  While it has seen some growth over the past few years, Terlingua is still a border town and there really isn't much there aside from one gas station, a few restaurants (excellent restaurants I might add), a grocery store, and a lodging options.  Cell signal is spotty, however that has gotten better as well. 

Don't be alarmed by the statement that Terlingua is a border town.  In over a decade of visiting the Big Bend area, I have never had any issues whatsoever.  The people who live and work in Terlingua are awesome and very friendly. Other visitors to the area are just as nice, as well!



Our Big Bend UNIQUE / Workshops do not require a great deal of hiking / walking.  Depending on the shooting location, typically walking distances range between less than 1/10 mile and up to 3/4 mile from vehicles. Occasionally, depending on the group make up, we may take longer walks from the vehicles. The following are considerations for our students regarding the physical requirements of our workshops and in-field shooting sessions. Students should be able to:

  • Walk unassisted over uneven terrain while carrying their camera equipment.

  • Traverse and manage terrain that includes uneven rocks, loose sand/gravel, and level changes.

  • Stand or be on their feet several hours (don't worry, you can bring chairs!)

  • Successfully maneuver and negotiate walking at night by flashlight in a rocky, desert environment, over terrain with mild elevation changes.

If you have specific questions about the physical aspects of our workshops, contact Tony via email at


This workshop is for photographers of ALL SKILL LEVELS who LOVE the night sky, stunning landscapes and have the desire to capture amazing images all while improving their abilities as an artist!

Our workshops are designed to TEACH first and foremost!  If you are looking to learn and grow as a photographer, our workshops are the right choice for you!

Mule Ears Big Bend NP.jpg


The total tuition for this workshop is $2975.00.  

A  deposit of  $600.00 is required  at booking to reserve your slot.  

This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE
* and will guarantee you a slot in the workshop.
Final tuition payments are required by March 1, 2025.

Transactions are completed via either PayPal or Credit Card and are Secure Transactions.
If you use the PayPal Method, you do not need a PayPal account to complete your
registration as you can use any credit cart through PayPal.

If you would prefer to fulfill your tuition in an alternate manner, please email to arrange this.


YES! You may bring a NON-PHOTOGRAPHER guest along with you if you so choose. The only two things we ask is that your NON-PHOTOGRAPHER guest stays in your same room and does not attend classroom sessions.  They are welcome to join us out in the field to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the night sky. 

Note: space may be limited in our transport vehicles and you and your guest may have to follow us in their own vehicle.

If your guest would like to participate in meals, there is a supplemental fee of $300 to cover meals.

On the registration form, please indicate if you will be bringing a guest and if they will participate in meals.





319 Photography, LLC. is certified and authorized by the National Park Service (NPS) to host and conduct photography workshops within National Parks.


319 Photography, LLC. is First Aid and CPR certified through the American Heart Association and we carry medical supplies with us during our workshops.

Our transactions are secured via PayPal for your peace of mind!  No PayPal account needed!

Your personal information is secure.  319 Photography, LLC. grantees that we will never sell or otherwise provide your information to anyone.  Any information obtained from you will be used solely by 319 Photography, LLC. for administrative, advertising, and contact purposes.


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